Corporate Acquisitions

Another C.V. Lemmon & Co. Success Story

A successful individual who wanted to purchase a growing, dynamic, profitable, and fun business founded Star Point Enterprises, Inc. for the express purpose of acquiring Pointer’s International, Inc.
Pointer’s International, Inc. was a successful manufacturer of fitted wool baseball caps under the trade name “Pro-Line.” Pointer’s market dominance was so strong that 90 percent of all Division I college baseball teams wore Pro-Line caps on the field. The owners of Pointer’s chose to sell their business in order to simplify their lives and retire.
C.V. Lemmon & Co. represented the buyer in this transaction, identifying the target company, advising in valuation, structuring negotiations and assisting in the acquisition financing. Following the closing, one of the sellers was so impressed by the business resources and energy of the buyer, the seller asked to stay with the company to manage all production.
This transaction was a perfect cultural and financial match between the buyer and seller.