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Hourly Consulting for Mergers & Acquisitions

Sometimes full investment banking services aren’t needed. Skip the long-term contract! Find clear answers and expert advice quickly.
Buying or selling a business is one of the biggest financial transactions of your career. When you don’t have professional guidance, you put a lot at risk…

  • You miss being prepared, having knowledge, and knowing your options.
  • You wonder, “What is the process? How do I respond? What should I anticipate?”
  • You struggle with technical terms.
  • You wish you had an expert on your side.
  • You waste valuable time.
  • You could lose the deal.
  • You wonder about possibilities – alternatives you may not even know exist.
  • You worry, “Is this the best structure for me?”
  • You question, “How do I protect myself? How are they taking advantage of me?”
  • You doubt if the other party has your best interest in mind.
  • You wish you could call an expert at any time to answer your questions and bounce ideas.
  • You lose out on peace of mind.
  • You probably will regret going it alone.
  • You never know how much you lost … or may have gained.

C.V. Lemmon & Co. provides on-demand M&A advisory services.
Keeping You in Focus and Out of Trouble

“As leaders and followers we must speak up and act in ways to show that ethical behavior is the bedrock of our values; and therefore, our actions.”

– Charles V. Lemmon

About Us

C.V. Lemmon & Co. is a 38-year-old privately held M&A firm providing hourly advisory services to two niche markets:

1) Sellers who have identified a buyer, or
2) Buyers who have identified a target company.


The professionals at C.V. Lemmon & Co. have more than 100 years of relevant financial and operational experience in a wide variety of industries. Our professionals remain in tune with markets and trends. C.V. Lemmon & Co.’s officers are extremely adept at negotiating a sale, purchase or financing for any type of company – all in a highly confidential and orderly manner.

Whether you are considering buying, selling, merging, or refinancing for growth, let’s begin discussions so you may learn how C.V. Lemmon & Co. can help you accomplish your goals. C.V. Lemmon & Co. is adept in negotiating a sale, acquisition, or commercial debt financing –all in a highly confidential and orderly manner.


Founded in 1983, C.V. Lemmon & Co. provides the highest caliber of advisory services to closely held corporations, regardless of industry. It is experienced in a wide cross-section of manufacturing, distribution, finance and service industries.

C.V. Lemmon & Co. provides a range of investment banking and consulting services for owners of middle-market companies. We can relate to the issues that you face as company stakeholders in addition to our objective perspectives as investment banking experts.


Merger & Acquisition Advisory

  • Seller Advisory – The buyer has been identified and the seller needs an experienced advisor.
  • Buyer Advisory – Seller / Target Company has been identified and the buyer needs guidance.

From Our Clients

“We could not have completed this assignment without C.V. Lemmon & Co.”
“Attentive, understood our position and represented us well.”
“Persistent, good negotiators, who keep their cool.”
Maureen Gehan Frieze

Gehan Homes, Ltd.

“One of the most important things Lemmon did was to help make the decision about debt
vs. equity. This is a crucial part of structuring any deal and is not something a company
is expected to figure out.
I was satisfied. I could never have done it by myself. I don’t consider myself a dummy,
but I am certainly no expert in finance. For somebody in the trenches running a business
day in and day out without a staff, finances aren’t something to which you are able to
devote time.”
Win Padgett

Padgett Printing Corporation

C.V. Lemmon & Co. represented Drew Pearson Marketing three times. Each transaction was successful. I like Lemmon’s style and trust his advice.
Drew Pearson

Drew Pearson Marketing, Inc.

Charlie’s technical knowledge and attention to detail is notable in this industry. I trust
Charlie and always enjoy working with him.
Bill Stone

Scheef & Stone, L.L.P.

You were referred as an advisor. I value your advice, which genuinely helped Presco.
Our relationship has grown, and you are a trusted friend. Thank you for your relationship
and friendship.
Waymon McMackin

Presco Products, L.P.

Thank you for your thorough representation, attention to detail, and exploring all options.
We are very pleased with our results and look forward to working with you again.
Steve Pike

Waples Manufacturing Company

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